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Clinic Rui was born at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a safe and uplifting haven to everyone. Set up by anti aging expert, Dr Lau Cher Rene and biohacker, Patrick Wee, Clinic Rui is a one of a kind anti aging hub that helps people reverse premature aging in skin and body.

Client-Centred Care

We treat every single guest wholeheartedly, just like a family member. Our mission is encapsulated in our name which means β€œfamily” in Japanese.

We help people regain youth through:Β 

  • Advanced diagnostics to detect root cause of health issues and skin concerns
  • Latest scientific solutions and functional medicine for faster, better and sustained resultsΒ 
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Dr.Lau Cher Rene

Our Medical Director

Dr. Lau Cher Rene is a highly qualified medical professional with a diverse range of expertise. She received her medical degree (MBBS) from India and is a LCP-certified aesthetic doctor. In addition to this, she is also a certified Functional MD (USA) and holds a Malaysia Medical Board license. With extensive experience in functional medicine practice, primary health care, aesthetic, nutritional and regenerative medicine, she has helped numerous patients lead healthier lives.

Dr. Cher Rene’s journey began in 2009 when she started practicing as a general (GP) and Aesthetic practitioner. Her interest in functional medicine, nutritional and regenerative medicine grew as she noticed that most chronic diseases were related to aging. Driven by her passion to find solutions for her patients, she ventured into the fascinating world of functional medicine.

Dr. Cher Rene strongly believes that every illness has a root cause and with proper diagnosis, there is a solution or treatment to it. Her commitment to this philosophy is exemplified by her personal experience of treating her own hormonal issues through functional medicine, where modern medicine failed her.

Aging is an inevitable process, but aging gracefully or even reversing it is a choice that everyone can make. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Cher Rene has treated and improved the lives of numerous patients with chronic illnesses.

Our Founder

Ten years ago, our founder Patrick was a much different person. Tired, frustrated and constantly in pain, he decided to make that change and to turn things around for himself.

That’s when he discovered functional medicine. He started to wor with medical doctors and wellness experts to find ways to reverse his biological age.Β 

Currently 49, Patrick is a living testament of how incremental lifestyle changes and functional medicine can make significant improvements in health and well-being.

Today, Patrick aims to help as may people enhance their lives through the power of the Vitalize 360 program; and anti aging discovery that helps rejuvenate and also reverse chronic conditions. To date, more than 200 clients have walked in, decided on a change and took on our Vitalize 360 program; totally improving their lives and for us, this is just the beginning.

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