Functional Medicine

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The notion that once we reach middle age our body will age rapidly and that disease is inevitable is hogwash. It is completely possible to age healthily, free from chronic diseases.  The Clinic Rui medical team has successfully helped numerous clients reverse early stage chronic diseases such as fatty liver, chronic kidney disease (stage 2 and 3), coronary heart disease and diabetes, free from drugs. Led by anti aging and functional medicine specialist, Dr Lau Cher Rene and our founder, biohacker Patrick Wee the team at Clinic Rui does this through functional medicine, a scientific evidence based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing triggers (underlying cause) of ill health.  The objective is to prevent disease before it happens with the long term goal to achieve optimal health. 

Treat Systems, Not Just Symptoms … without drugs!

Joint & Nerves

Reliefs pain through Acupotomy and Bio Electric treatments by releasing soft tissue adhesions and pinched nerves.
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Blood Circulation & Key Organs

Treats and prevents chronic diseases like fatty liver, kidney disease and diabetes through through Detox, ECP and Nutrition Medicine.


Treats hormonal deficits, excess and imbalances through personalised blend of compounded natural nutrients and topicals.

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Ten years ago, our founder Patrick was a much different person. Tired, frustrated and constantly in pain, he decided to make that change and to turn things around for himself.

That’s when he discovered functional medicine. He started to wor with medical doctors and wellness experts to find ways to reverse his biological age. 

Currently 49, Patrick is a living testament of how incremental lifestyle changes and functional medicine can make significant improvements in health and well-being.

Today, Patrick aims to help as may people enhance their lives through the power of the Vitalize 360 program; and anti aging discovery that helps rejuvenate and also reverse chronic conditions. To date, more than 200 clients have walked in, decided on a change and took on our Vitalize 360 program; totally improving their lives and for us, this is just the beginning.

Western Medical Practise


Reactive Approach:
Patient experiencing chronic symptoms already

Focuses on consequences of ill health

Short-term Goal:
Treat symptoms

Standardised diagnosis and treatments 


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COMMONALITY: Both are scientific evidence based, practiced by doctors and healthcare professionals

Functional Medical Practise


Preventative Approach:
Prevent disease before it happens

Focuses on triggers (underlying cause) of ill health

Long-term Goal:
Treat systems to achieve optimal health

Considers biochemical individuality factors

Restore Your Health. Regain Your Vitality.

Does any of following relate to you? 

  • Inconsistent exercise / nutrition
  • Weight issues / muscle soreness 
  • High blood pressure / cholesterol / diabetes
  • Fatique /  skin allergies / interrupted sleep 

These are all signs that your body is calling for help. 

Time to stop treating symptoms through standardised diagnosis and drugs.

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Time to treat systems and not symptoms.