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Is the loss of bladder control affecting your social, psychological,and event your sexual life? 
Or you have troubled with intimate issues like vagina dryness or low desire but do not know who to go to? 

The team at RUI HER specialises in solving urinary incontinence and women sexual dysfucntion concerns.

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Natural Compounds to Solve Hormonal Imbalances

As functional medicine practitioners, the medical team at Clinic Rui does not prescribe drugs. 

Instead, natural, botanical extracts and phytochemicals (compounds produced by plants) are prescribed and compounded with the right doses to supplement what is lacking or to inhibit what maybe in excess.


8 Minutes to Renewed Confidence 

Now you can accord the same level of care to your 2nd face with Ultra Femme 360, an innovative, safe, and effective non-invasive VAGINAL REJUVENATION TREATMENT. With a single device, the Ultra Femme 360 system can remodel, tighten, and restore your V’s youthfulness.

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Better Control, Tighter, Improved Orgasm, Improved Lubrication

  • Plumps the labia majora
  • Tightens the vaginal canal
  • Tightens the vaginal opening
  • Boosts blood flow to the clitoris
  • Improves orgasm
  • Improves vaginal dryness (increase lubrication)

Sex Therapy to Breakthrough Pscyhological & Pleasure Barriers

Sexual intimacy connects two persons deeply. However, many couples struggle to overcome barriers which may have build over time due to lack of communication.

Receiving help from a trained Sexologist from RUI HER will help you to: 

  • Enhance emotional and sexual communication
  • Gain better understanding of each other’s sexual needs and desires
  • Get candid feedback, ideas to improve your sex life and get your juices flowing!
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The RUI V-360 Protocol - Science Based & Clinically Proven

As opposed to standardised diagnosis and drugs, Clinic Rui always recommends a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to see precisely and objectively where your body currently is.

Step 1 

A full body check up to identity any health problems that may be contributing to the problem followed by an endocrine (hormones) test. This is to Identify what is the underlying root cause of your symptoms.

Step 2

A consultation with our experienced doctors and sexologist to interpret above results and identify any other underlying triggers (root cause) of the concern.

Step 3 

A customised treatment plan to treat systems to regain confidence.

Client Testimonies

  • nenekeda

    I used to leak when I cough or laugh. Now, I don’t have to worry anymore including during prayers or when I go out with my family.

    Nenek Eda, 70 years old
  • testimonial 6

    Before this, I had weakened pelvic floor and stage 2 prolapse. After the treatment I don’t have any incontinence issue anymore. Through functional medicine natural supplements, the medical team also helped me improved my overall wellness. Satisfied with the result and services.

    Hasyati, 37 years old
  • testimonial 2

    I used to frequent the toilet very often. After the treatment, I was able to control my bladder. Highly recommended to anyone who has incontinence issues.

    Yanti, 48 years old

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