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Long Term Success Without Drugs.

Sexual arousal and problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are complex and requires investigation. Drugs often provide only short term results and do not treat the underlying root cause of issues.

The RUI M-360 always begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to see precisely and objectively where the root cause of the problem lies before a customised treatment plan is recommended.

Get Hard and Last Longer in Bed

If necessary. natural, botanical extracts and phytochemicals (compounds produced by plants) are prescribed and compounded with the right doses to supplement what is lacking or to inhibit what is in excess.

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Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for improved erections and longer staying power.
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Medi Meridian

Repairs nerves and strengthens nervous system to maintain stronger and longer erections.
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Improves blood circulation. Scientifically proven to improve ED with > 80% success rate.
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Lion Shot

Repairs damaged veins in your penis to get stronger, harder erections with more pleasure.

Did You Know?

Testosterone supplements or hormone replacement can have the opposite effect if your body carries an excess of certain enzymes that converts testosterone to estrogen). This aggravates erectile dysfunction.

The RUI M-360 Protocol - Science Based & Clinically Proven

Step 1 

A full body check up to identity any health problems that may be contributing to the problem followed by an endocrine (hormones) test.

Step 2

A consultation with our experienced doctor to interpret above results and identify other possible causes such as psychological stress, nerve damage, poor blood circulation and weak pelvic floor muscles.

Step 3 

A customised treatment plan to treat systems to regain optimal health and performance. Treatment plans may include one of the following non invasive treatments.

Client Testimonies

  • testimonial 9

    My cholesterol, inflammation, and liver profiles are back to normal!

    Mr Zulkifli, 56 years old
  • testimonial 3

    Not only has my “performance” improved, my cholesterol and sugar levels have gone back to normal. Even my fatty liver problem has been reversed!

    Lim Kien Seng, 43 years old
  • testimonial 4

    My stamina has improved. I am more focused and energetic whether at work or with the family.

    Dato Carleel, 64 years old

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