Sexual Confidence & Pelvic Health

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With sex education and sexual pleasure being sensitive topics in Malaysia, we offer private consultation and confidential treatments by experienced doctors and sexual health specialists. Apart from sexual health treatments, Clinic Rui offers proven medical solutions for people suffering from incontinence and overactive bladders. It is also one of the very few clinics in the region that has a resident sexologist providing coaching and therapy to couples looking to improve sexual intimacy.

Book your professional consultation and claim your e-voucher to redeem a G-Chair RM 99 treatment (Normal Price: RM 750) to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and sexual confidence

Most Popular Services

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Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for improved erections and longer staying power

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Medi Meridian

Repairs nerves and strengthens nervous system to maintain stronger and longer erections.

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Improves blood circulation. Scientifically proven to improve ED with > 80% success rate.

Confidential. Results Oriented. Long Term Success.

RUI HIM & HER is an extension of Clinic RUI specialising in Sexology and Pelvic Health.

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Common Concerns for HIM: Fatigue. Staying Hard. Premature Ejaculation.  

Our M-360 Solution: Stronger, Harder, Longer, More Energy, More Pleasure.


Common Concerns for HER:  Urinary Incontinence. Dryness. Lack of Desire, Inability to Orgasm

Our W-360 Solution: Better Control, Tighter, Improved Orgasm, Improved Lubrication. 

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Why Choose Clinic Rui?

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Specialised and experienced in sexual and pelvic health with resident Sexologist

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Customised treatment plans after identifying root cause of concerns (functional medicine approach)

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Advanced medical devices approved by MDA (Medical Device Authority, Ministry of Health)

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Safe, convenient and result oriented

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Affordable pricing with flexible payment plans