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Achieve safe, long-term weight loss – Shed up to 15kg or 15cm in just 60 days with our science-backed treatments

Sexual Confidence

Expert care in confidence – Receive personalized consultations and confidential treatments from experienced doctors and sexual health specialists


Transform your health, the drug-free way – tackle chronic diseases e.g. kidney disease, fatty liver, and heart disease naturally


Revitalize your beauty and health – Discover our advanced facial treatments and holistic therapies for radiant skin and optimal wellness
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  • testimonial 9

    My cholesterol, inflammation, and liver profiles are back to normal!

    Mr Zulkifli, 56 years old
  • testimonial 8

    My mom can now breathe normally, and she feels much more alert & energetic.

    Ms Kerry & Madam Tan
  • nenekeda

    I used to leak when I cough or laugh. Now, I don’t have to worry anymore including during prayers or when I go out with my family.

    Nenek Eda, 70 years old
  • testimonial 6

    Before this, I had weakened pelvic floor and stage 2 prolapse. After the treatment I don’t have any incontinence issue anymore. Through functional medicine natural supplements, the medical team also helped me improved my overall wellness. Satisfied with the result and services.

    Hasyati, 37 years old
  • testimonial 3

    Not only has my “performance” improved, my cholesterol and sugar levels have gone back to normal. Even my fatty liver problem has been reversed!

    Lim Kien Seng, 43 years old
  • testimonial 4

    My stamina has improved. I am more focused and energetic whether at work or with the family.

    Dato Carleel, 64 years old
  • testimonial 2

    I used to frequent the toilet very often. After the treatment, I was able to control my bladder. Highly recommended to anyone who has incontinence issues.

    Yanti, 48 years old
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Why Choose RUI

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Long-term success in less time through scientifically proven protocols

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Safe & Convenient

We use only approved medical devices that allow you to walk in and out all within an hour or less!

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Wholehearted Service

You are more than just a number to us, you are RUI family as soon as you join us.