Fat Freezing

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Alpha Freeze

Powered by Clatuu: Freeze On, Fat Off

Freeze, Destroy and Flush Out unwanted fats. Up to 30% more fats destroyed combining the proven efficacy of Clatuu Alpha with our unique RUI massage protocol.

Clatuu generates stable, but powerful cooling energy into the patient’s subcutaneous fat deposits to induce apoptosis, disposing of dead fat cells through the body’s metabolism.

To safely ensure effective stubborn fat removal, 360° Surround Cooling cups only target fat deposits for crystallization without harming surrounding tissues or nerve areas.

How does Alpha Freeze work compared to other fat freezing / cryolipolysis treatments?

Unlike conventional two sided cooling methods, Alpha Freeze utilises Clatuu Alpha’s 360 surround cooling technology which increases efficiency by up to 18.1%.

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1 fat order

You may struggle with stubborn fat even after jogging and dieting.


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The CLATUU Alpha suctions your skin and subcutaneous layers.


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Cooling energy then freezes fat deposits to induce apoptosis.


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Crystallized fat cells die off through the body’s natural metabolism.


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Remaining fat in the target area becomes leaner and less dense.


6 fat order

Combine with your healthy regimen to look slimmer and confident.

Advanced Technology for Maximum Results

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Benefits of Alpha Freeze